Library Meeting Rooms

A/B Room

The Brighton District Library provides facilities for Library programs and uses meeting space to conduct Library business. When certain Library space is not scheduled for Library-sponsored or co-sponsored events, it may be used by the public within the parameters set by the Library’s Meeting Rooms Policy. Applications shall be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis, with Library business, Library-sponsored or Library-co-sponsored events having first priority. The next priority shall be given to applications that support the cultural, educational and informational needs and interests of the community.

The A/B Room has a maximum seated capacity of 65. The A/B Room is available during regular Library hours (Monday-Thursday 10-9 p.m., Friday and Saturday 10-5 p.m., and Sunday 1-5 p.m.). The Conference Room is no longer available to reserve due to its upcoming renovation into a makerspace. To reserve the  A/B Room, please submit the online application.

Reservations can be made up to three months in advance.

If you are interested in reserving the A/B Room, please review the usage guidelines listed below and fill out the application.

Group Study Rooms

Small Study Rooms may be reserved online from this link or by calling the information desk at 810-229-6571, ext.227.

Study rooms can be reserved up to 2 hours a day, up to one week in advance. Staff may cancel online reservations made in violation of this limit.

If a person has not arrived for a study room within 15 minutes of the reservation time, staff may cancel the reservation and allow another person to use the room.

Large Meeting Room Guidelines

Any person, group or organization may use the Conference or A/B Room pursuant to the requirements of the Library’s Public Use of Meeting Rooms Policy. Users shall adhere to all conditions of use made by Library Administration. Meetings and events will not be scheduled more than 3 months in advance, but must be scheduled no later than 1 business day before the event. Each event shall be scheduled for a time any day not to exceed 8 hours. No User may schedule the  AB Room more than 2 times per month.

Any person 18 years or older may fill out an application for the A/B Room. Users of the A/B Room must be under adequate supervision by adults 18 years of age or older. The reservation form requires the listing of an adult (aged 18 or older) who will be in charge of the group, as well as being financially responsible for any damages that may occur. This listed adult must be on site during the reserved meeting time.

Requests for use of projection screen and projector, tables, chairs and any equipment owned by the Library must be made at the time the venue is scheduled. The Library does not guarantee the availability of any equipment or staff support.

Non-Profit Organizations. Any Non-Profit Organization (non-profit corporation, government entity, or other organization that has the primary purpose of supporting the cultural, educational and informational needs and interests of the community) may use the Conference or A/B Room for no charge.

All Other Organizations. Any User that does not meet the definition of Non-Profit Organization may use the AB Room for a fee as follows:

  1. Resident: $25.00 per Reservation of up to four (4) hours if the User resides or owns a business in the Library District; or
  2. Non-Resident: $50.00 per Reservation of up to four (4) hours if the User does not reside or own a business in the Library district.
Rooms can be reserved for a maximum of 8 hours per day.

Clean Up and Damage Fee. A fee of $25.00 will be charged if the A/B Room is not cleaned up as required by this policy. Users shall pay for any actual damage to the Conference or A/B Room

  1. Users shall observe all rules of conduct and policies applicable to Library patrons.
  2. No smoking, candles, matches or any other use of fire shall be permitted in the Library.
  3. Library prohibits the use of tobacco, alcohol and the illicit use of controlled substances.
  4. Users making excessive noise that disrupts normal Library functions or other patrons’ use of the Library may be asked to stop or leave. This includes conducting the meeting or any part of the meeting outside of the Meeting Rooms.
  5. It is the User’s responsibility to leave the Meeting Rooms in the condition (including furniture arrangements) in which they found them. The User must remove food, containers, beverages and all other personal or group-owned items. Failure to clean up will result in forfeiting the privilege of using the Meeting Rooms in the future.
  6. Users must include time to clean up and set up within the scheduled time and must end meetings at least 15 minutes before the Library closing time.
  7. Users shall permit no more persons than is stated by occupancy requirements.
  8. Users shall not sell tickets, raffles or any objects or solicit contributions from persons attending the meeting or located anywhere in the Library or on Library property.
  9. Users shall not distribute personal or group literature, brochures and other materials to Library patrons outside of the Meeting Rooms. Users shall not leave printed materials on Library property without prior approval of the Library Director or in accordance with Library Policy.
  10. Decoration or materials may be attached only to bulletin boards. No decorations or other materials may be attached or affixed to the walls, windows, doors or other surfaces unless approved by the Library. If such approval is granted, any such material must be removed at the close of the scheduled time.
  11. Prior approval from Library Administration is needed for any furniture or equipment to be brought into the Library.

Use of Meeting Rooms does not constitute endorsement of an individual’s or group’s policies or beliefs by the Library, its staff or Board members. Any publicity for any event held in the Meeting Rooms must state that “The Brighton District Library does not sponsor or endorse this event.”

If necessary, the Library reserves the right to cancel the use of Meeting Rooms, including but not limited to inclement weather or other unexpected building closures. The Library shall use its best efforts to notify the Users if the Library intends to cancel the use of Meeting Rooms. In the event of inclement weather or other area emergencies, please contact the Library before the meeting to confirm that the building is still open. The Library will refund all fees paid for a reservation that was cancelled.

The Brighton District Library is released and held harmless from any and all claims for personal injury or property damage.

Meeting Room Application