Learning Journey

Welcome to the Brighton District Library's Learning Journey!

Welcome to the Brighton District Library’s Learning Journey. We hope you enjoy this interactive, educational pathway that provides a variety of learning opportunities for you and your family. Our Learning Journey overlooks the Parker Preserve, protected lands on our property. In addition, it connects patrons to Millie’s Garden, the Library’s Pavilion, and Miss Carla’s Reading House. You will notice a variety of interactive activities, including musical instruments and learning nooks, along the path. These activities encourage fun, creative, and dynamic outdoor learning adventures. 

  • While walking along our Learning Journey you will see the Parker Preserve on the west side of our building. These protected lands were gifted to the Brighton District Library by the Parker Families with the request that this 4.5-acre natural area remain intact. A trailhead entrance to the Preserve is located on Orndorf Drive. Our pathway includes a lookout to the preserve.
  • Along our Learning Journey you will find the Rainbow Trio Ensemble. These instruments provide an opportunity to introduce music and create lively and engaging percussion play.  
  • The Library has been designated a Monarch Butterfly Waystation, but why is this important? By creating and maintaining a Monarch Waystation, we are contributing to monarch conservation, an effort that will help assure the preservation of the species and the continuation of the spectacular monarch migration phenomenon.
  • Along the pathway you will find a variety of engaging signage and nature rubbings. We hope you will learn more about our local habitat, while at the same time use your creativity and artistic skills to design beautiful keepsakes of various plants, insects, and animals.
  • Spinning the wheel will set the ball bearings inside the wheel into motion to mimic the sound of falling rain. From a gentle pitter-patter through a heavy rain shower to a full-on monsoon, you can control the intensity of the rain sound by how hard you spin the wheel. This demonstrates the concept of cause and effect and encourages gross motor skills. Thank you to the Friends of the Brighton District Library for providing the funds for our cyclone.

Thank you to our private donors, the Livingston Land Conservancy, and the Brighton Garden Club for helping us create and maintain this special outdoor environment.