Tween Book Box Registration

Pick up for your box will be the first of the next month. (Example: Sign up in August, pick up your box starting September 1).

Book Box-Tween (ages 9-12)

Tween Book Box application for ages 9-12
Please note we use email as the main point of contact. You shall receive an email reminder that your box is ready for pick up on the first of the month.
How many books would you like in your box?(Required)
What kind of books would you like to read this month?(Required)
Please pick only up to 3 genres
Please give more than one example of books that you liked. The more information you provide the better able our Librarians are able to choose books for you.
This is where you can let us know any other of your reading quirks. If you don't like romance or maybe violence let us know. If you have a specific type of fantasy novel you like etc.