Special Needs Collection

The Special Needs Collection at the Brighton District Library includes print and audio visual materials to aid the person with visual and hearing impairments, cognitive challenges, motor, speech or language delays, and emotional-behavioral issues.
This collection is useful for children, adults, parents, caregivers, and teachers.  The Special Needs Collection is funded in part by the Friends of the Brighton District Library.


This collection of resources covers a broad range of topics such as autism, speech and hearing impairment, learning disabilities, inclusive education, sensory integration, Down Syndrome, emotional impairment, fine/gross motor skill building, and more.

Therapeutic Toy Collection

This collection encourages creativity, conversation, and active play. Some items build fine motor skills while others offer tactile stimulation.
Both types are helpful for children and adults with physical limitations.

Speech and Therapy Cards

Encouraging conversation, flash-cards using illustrations and photos are an excellent resource for children and adults with cognitive, speech, or emotional impairments.

Story Kits

Each kit contains a picture book and an item related to the story to touch and feel while listening. These manipulatives help give meaning to the words in the story and assist with comprehension, resulting in better enjoyment of the book as a whole.



This collection includes sign language, speech therapy, family relationships, social skills, and more.

Special Needs Circulation

  • Books and kits may be checked out for 4 weeks.
  • Toys may be checked out for 2 weeks.
  •  DVDs may be checked out for 1 week.
  • You may be charged full replacement cost if any parts are missing or damaged when returned. Toys and Media Kits cannot be inter-library loaned.  These items must be checked out, picked up, and returned to the Brighton District Library.