Jim, a recent retiree, who just discovered the Library, has a deep-rooted passion for local and family history. Despite being a non-book user, Jim’s love for uncovering historical narratives drives him to seek resources beyond traditional books. Drawing on his curiosity and determination, Jim delves into building his family tree using online genealogy databases and historical archives available at and through the Library. With the assistance of the librarians at the Information Desk, Jim navigates through census records, birth certificates, and newspaper archives, piecing together his family’s history one ancestor at a time. Despite his proficiency with genealogy research, Jim occasionally encounters technological hurdles that require assistance. With patience and expertise, Library staff assist Jim, empowering him to continue his pursuits with confidence. Jim also loves to keep busy and has found that joining the Friends, and volunteering his time helping out with donation intake and book sales has been a fulfilling way to kick off his retirement.

Favorite Songs:
Walk the Line by Johnny Cash, American Pie by Don McClean, Rock Around the Clock by Bill Hayley and his Comets, Hound Dog by Elvis Presley, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, and Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf

Favorite Genealogy Resources: 
Cyndi’s List, The US Census Bureau, Find a Grave, Family Search, National Genealogical Society’s Free Resources page, Ancestry Library Edition (available inside the Brighton District Library), My Heritage Library Edition

Favorite Shows: 
Antiques Roadshow and Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s Finding your Roots, both on PBS