Brighton District Library Board of Trustees

Kathryn Poppy joined the Board of Trustees in February 2014. A two-term President of the Board, Kathryn holds degrees in English education and journalism with an emphasis on psychology, followed by years in business management. Kathryn has worked professionally for the University of Michigan and the University of Florida and was schooled by both a top-five college program in one of our nation’s largest universities and by a Christian university.

Her work with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Sister Cities International headquarters has reached all legislative offices at the U.S. Capitol. Locally, she is honored by the City of Brighton with a Mayoral Proclamation for Outstanding Leadership and Service. For several years, Kathryn served on the Board of Directors for Love INC of the Greater Livingston Area. Additionally, her local contributions include the inaugural committee for Le Concours de Livingston, the executive committee for the City of Brighton’s 150th Year Celebration, and chairing the special committee which hired the Brighton Library Director.

Kathryn states, “Our community library is a central hub and a sturdy place to generate local solutions to all manner of problems. It connects us to each other, to tech, to local institutions, to millions of books, and to powerful databases not otherwise widely available. As a flagship for people’s lives, the library delivers far-reaching vision and long and prosperous living into our community. I am honored to be present in this effort.”

Kathryn and prince charming are adoptive parents and share three children born in Michigan. With family heritage reaching back 150 years in Michigan, resources like The Brighton Room, the Brighton library’s genealogical core, are broadly meaningful in the life of their family. Kathryn and her family live in Genoa Township.


Committees: Budget/Finance, Building/Technology,
Policy/Personnel, Public Relations
Term Expires 12/2018.