We are gratified to see how our community values the services Brighton District Library provides.  Thank you for your support of our mission to connect individuals to the world’s cultural and information resources.  If you would like to become a donor, please see our Support page for more information.

Thank You Annual Appeal Donors!

** Donations received before December 20, 2019

Leadership Gifts $1000+

Mark McPeek

Platinum Level Donors $500-$999

Jenny & Mike Morley
Morley Family Foundation
Craig Trojan – C.S. Trojan & Associates

Gold Level Donors $250-$499

Anonymous Donor
Julie & John Harris
Mary Rose Orczyk

Silver Level Donors 100-$249

Anonymous Donor (1)
Chris Bastian, in honor of everyone who worked to make the renovation a success.
Jeffrey Berner
Lois & Charles Cheney
Cheryl Colloton
Germaine & Jeff Fritz
Kim & Diane Gasior
Patricia & Tom Hill
Michael Holper
David Horton
Nancy B. Johnson, in memory of Shelagh Klein Davis
Dr. Mary & Sanjay Khunger
Evelyn & Carl Krueger
Mary Ann Lazzari
Burghard & Kathleen Linn
Marsha Luetjen, in memory of Robert Luetjen
Judy & Jim Mackey
Cecelia McClure
James Muzzin
Joyce Powers, in memory of Lyle & Ronni Powers
Jayne & Joseph Ptolemy
Joseph Shevock
Al and Karen Wirth
Karen & John Zentgraf

Bronze Level Donors $1-$99

Anonymous Donor (1)
Dorothy & Peter Baldori
Dr. Sally & Gerald Belian
Robin Biondi
Mary Lynn & Richard Bodalski
Maureen & Tom Booth
Teresa & Chris Habsburg
Daniel Kashian
Sheila Kaulfersch
Kathy & Bob Kittridge
Dixie & José Lopez, in memory of Dixie & Frank Styles
Shirley & William Maxwell
Anne Michaels
Mary Lou Nagy
Ashley & Greg Rohrs
Randee Rossmann
Sally & Bob Springstead

Donations received between November 20- December 20, 2019


Library Supporters 2019

Brighton Room
Books and Memorials
Commemorative Bricks
General Donations
Summer Reading Sponsors
Brighton Room

Kathy Geiger, in memory of Una H. Wagenknecht and Paul W. Geiger
Douglas Kaarre
Scott Selesky

Books and Memorials

Agnes Caldwell, author, Reflective Moments Dawning

Book Club, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and Balzac and the Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie, in memory of Carol “Kay” Erickson Spangler

♦♦ Cafagna Family, Mary and John Dorsey, Anne Ginsburg, Nora Godfrey, Donna and Tony Haynes, Nancy B. Johnson, Pamela Leonard, Karen and Dick Leonard, Sandra and Robert Thompson in loving memory of Sally McKee, former Library Trustee.

Leslie Haugen, in memory of Deanna Marie Hansen

Karen and Dick Leonard, Beverly LaBelle in memory of Sally McKee, former Library Trustee

♦ Mondi and Mac MillerYes! Magazine, Mindful magazineand Spirituality & Health magazine subscriptions.

Kathy and Rich Perlberg, in memory of Larry Lawrence

Authors/Photographers, Carl R. Sams II & Jean Stoick, A Magical Winter and I Am Africa

Commemorative Bricks

♦ In honor of Manohar “MJ” Jagasia from the Friends of the Brighton District Library and the Library.

Pat and Sue Duby, in memory of Cindy Duby

Cissy and Howard Anderson, and Dodie Kashin,
in memory of Carol “Kay” Spangler

Brighton District Library Staff,
in memory of Roger Legris

Jeff, Martina, and Kylen Duby-Liskova,
in memory of Cindy Duby

Friends of the Brighton District Library,
with gratitude to the Kenneth Hill Family

Barbara Smith, Terry & Mike Worosz, in memory of Martha Diane Mielke

Vickie Weyand, in memory of her mother, Margie Stanislao

General Donations

Anonymous Gift
♦♦ Anonymous Gift
♦ Arteza
567 Workshops
Wade Bray
Tibor Czako
Kathi Gordon
♦ Great Harvest Bread Company
♦ Linda and James Gutting
Jeffrey Hueal
Barb Janes
♦♦ Meijer – Brighton
Ian Tadashi Moore
♦ Sullivan, Ward, Asher & Patton, P.C.
♦♦♦ The Library is especially grateful for a Leadership Gift from the estate of Andrea “Andi” Puste.
Kathleen Wyeth

Summer Reading Sponsors

♦ Great Harvest Bread Company
♦ Yo-Fresh Yogurt Café
♦♦ Big Boy Restaurant
♦♦♦ Taco Bell

Connect, Grow, Discover Youth Department Fundraiser 2019

Interactive Play Structure Sponsors
Learning Panel Sponsors
Platinum Sponsors
Gold Sponsors
Silver Sponsors
Bronze Sponsors
Interactive Play Structure Sponsors

Artisan’s Bench – A. (Mac) & Mondi Miller

Chemical Bank of Brighton

The Friends of the Brighton District Library

The Genso Team, RE/MAX Platinum

Learning Panel Sponsors

1st National Bank

Anne and Joseph Gilles

Kevin, Cindy, Lainy, Gwen, and Will Mack

Rotary Club of Brighton

Platinum Sponsors

Brighton Lions Club

Pauline & Richard Druschel

Marcia Blum & Paul Karabelski

Gold Sponsors

Cheryl Blaszkiewicz

Brighton Optimist Club

Tina and Rod Fleischmann

Marja & Janaka Jayasuriya

Mary & Sanjay Khunger

McPeek Family

Karen & Joseph Turckes

Wagner Poppy Family

Silver Sponsors

(3) Anonymous Donors

Cindy & Rich Adams

Calvin, Natalie, & Margot Banning

Emma & Sheila Beane

Harrison Brown

Jackie & Dennis Brown Family

Joyce & Arthur Browne

Mary Lou Clark

Bonnie Corrigan

Diana Dart & Madalynn Beaudry

DeVore Family

Margaret & William Dixon

Mary Fischer

Lisa Gemuend

Cora Genso

Stella Genso

Lindsay Given

Heckel Family

Vanessa Hereford

Martina Jerant

Nancy B. Johnson

Nancy Kerin

Mandy & Joel Kocevar

Cassandra Marion

Ryan, Mary, Ashton & Madeleine Moore

James R. Muzzin

Shirley Najjar

Sarah Neidert

Blake & Bryce Nielsen

Jennifer & Earnest Osborne

Cheryl Parkkila

Reed Family

Security Lock & Alarm

Mona and Mark Shand

Carla & Shawn Sharp Family

Jeanne & Philip Smith

Rebecca Smith

Vicki & Jerry Sprague

Trinity Farm

VanHall Family

Margaret & Matthew Vergith Family

Village People Book Club

Vickie & Jerry Weyand

Stephanie & Blake Williams

Eileen Yanik

Zavala Family

Bronze Sponsors

(2) Anonymous Donors

Landen Blum

Julie Bohnhorst

Adaline Bohr

Sarah Boyle

Ella & Henry Buck

Janice Cornell

Karen Dalrymple

Samuel Daniels, D.D.S.

Amanda Dreher

Kristie, Corey, & Mallory Hopka

Whitney Kantola

Dallin Laukka

Sydney Lee

Janina Luomala

Reese Miller

Mary Lou Nagy

Danielle Neely

Danny Roth

Spirit Rising Yoga

Mariah Timko

Raymond Tucker

Sherry Walker

Ward Family

Kathleen Wyeth

Karen & John Zentgraf