We are gratified to see how our community values the services Brighton District Library provides.  Thank you for your support of our mission to connect individuals to the world’s cultural and information resources.  If you would like to become a donor, please see our Support page for more information.

February 2019 Donors

Brighton Room
Scott Selesky

Commemorative Brick
Pat and Sue Duby, in memory of Cindy Duby

Library Supporters 2018

Brighton Room

Douglas Kaarre

Books and Memorials

♦ Mondi and Mac MillerYes! Magazine, Mindful magazineand Spirituality & Health magazine subscriptions.

Commemorative Bricks

♦ In honor of Manohar “MJ” Jagasia from the Friends of the Brighton District Library and the Library.

General Donations

Anonymous Gift
567 Workshops
Wade Bray
Kathi Gordon
Jeffrey Hueal
Barb Janes
♦♦ Meijer – Brighton
♦ Sullivan, Ward, Asher & Patton, P.C.

2018 Summer Reading Sponsors

♦♦♦ Chipotle Mexican Grill
♦♦♦ Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
♦ Yo Fresh Yogurt Café
♦ Great Harvest Bread Company
♦♦♦ Zap Zone – Rollerama
♦♦♦ Taco Bell – Old West Properties
♦♦♦ MOD Pizza

♦ Gifts of $100 or more

♦♦ Gifts of $500 or more

♦♦♦ Gifts of $1000 or more

Annual Appeal 2018

Leadership Gifts
Donors A-G
Donors H-M
Donors N-Z
Leadership Gifts

♦♦♦ The Library would like to express our gratitude to Michael and Jennifer Morley, and to President David Morley of the Morley Family Foundation for their Leadership Gifts.

Donors A-G

♦ (2) Anonymous Donations

(2) Anonymous Donations

Sonja & Shaun Amos

Peggy & Jim Anthony

Maxine Bachelor

Dorothy & Peter Baldori

♦ John Barta

♦ Shirley Barton

♦ Dr. Sally & Gerald Belian

♦ Hilary & Arnold Bell, in honor of our community teachers & educators who truly make a difference

♦ Jeffrey Berner

Robin Biondi

Patricia & James Bohn, in honor of Darlene Bohn

Maureen & Tom Booth

♦ Abigail Briggs

♦♦ Barbara & Richard Browne

Bernadine & Anthony Byk

♦ Lola & Frank Castle

Lois & Charles Cheney

Ruth & Ron Collins

♦ Kathleen and Keith Collins

♦ Cheryl Colloton

♦ Katherine Lawrence-Copp & Ed Copp

Daniel Coulson

♦ Diana Dart

♦ Susan Daugherty

♦ Colleen Donehue, in memory of Jean Fitzpatrick

♦♦ Pauline Druschel

Robin & William Erickson

Rhonda Fackert

♦ Joan Fahrner, in memory of Jim Fahrner

Jessica & Brent Feeman

♦ Mary Alice Fischer

Tina & Rod Fleischmann

♦ Christine Frey

Robert Friess

♦ Germaine & Jeff Fritz

♦ Diane & Kim Gasior

Christine & Terrence Graham

♦♦ Lois Gustafson

Linda & Jim Gutting

Donors H-M

Teresa & Chris Habsburg

♦ Julie & John Harris

David Hartsook

Thomas Hassett

♦♦ Betsy & Bob Herbst

♦ Jeannette & Robert Hill

♦ Sandra & Michael Holper

Mary Janke

♦ Beverly & Mark Javit

Baiba & Jim Jenson

Carol Johnson, in memory of Richard W. Johnson

♦ Nancy B. Johnson, in honor of Diana Dart

♦♦ Pamela and Urim Jusufi

Donna & Dan Kashian

Sheila Kaulfersch

Dr. Mary & Sanjay Khunger, in honor of BAS mathematics teacher, Steven Thumser

Kathy & Bob Kittridge

Cynthia & Randy Kniebes

♦ Heather Knop

♦ Evelyn & Carl Krueger

♦ Claude Lanciano III, in support of the Computer Lab

Donatella & Daniel Larou

♦ Mary Ann Lazzari

Dr. Christine Lee

♦ Marsha & Craig Lesley

Jane & Piet Lindhout

♦ Kathy & Burghard Linn

Dixie & José Lopez, in memory of Dixie M. Styles

♦ Cheryl Lord

♦ Cindy & Kevin Mack

♦ Judy & Jim Mackey

Jean Mahon 

Jean Makela

♦ Bonnie Marttila

Shirley & William Maxwell

Cecelia McClure

Sally McKee, for Millie’s Garden in memory of Bill McKee

♦ Jane & Mike McManus – Micro Works Computing, Inc.

♦ Mark McPeek

Colleen Meyer

Anne Michaels

Janeen Miller

Donors N-Z

♦ Mary Anita Naab

♦ Richard Nahabetian

Sarah & Adam Neidert

♦ Debra & John Oberpeul

♦ Mary Rose and Joe Orzcyk

♦ Kathy & Rich Perlberg

♦ Lynn & Terry Pfaff

George Piner

Leith Pingle

♦ Kathryn Poppy & Terrance Wagner

♦ Joyce Powers, in memory of Ronni Powers, daughter & Hawkins teacher

Wallace Prince

Ashley Rohrs

Randee Rossmann

♦ Leslie & Ed Rutkowski

Missy & Jim Setty

♦ Robert Shaw, in support of Value Line and Morningstar data bases

Joseph Shevock

Sally & Bob Springstead Family

Maureen & Leon Stein

Claudia Tangalakis

Giovanna Tessmer

♦♦ Craig Trojan – C. S. Trojan & Associates

♦ David Tyrpak

♦ Susan & Donald Urban

Candice Vollweiler

Sherry Walker

Sandra & Lawrence Weston

Karen Wilson

Katherine Winders

♦ Karen & Al Wirth

♦ Linda & David Yanochko

Kathleen Zaenger

♦ Karen & John Zentgraf

Faye & Frank Zimmerman