We are gratified to see how our community values the services Brighton District Library provides.  Thank you for your support of our mission to connect individuals to the world’s cultural and information resources.  If you would like to become a donor, please see our Support page for more information.

Thank You Annual Appeal Donors!

** Donations received before February 20, 2020

Leadership Gifts $1000+

Mark McPeek

Platinum Level Donors $500-$999

Betsy & Bob Herbst
Jenny & Mike Morley
Morley Family Foundation
Craig Trojan – C.S. Trojan & Associates

Gold Level Donors $250-$499

Anonymous Donors (4)
Julie & John Harris
Mary Rose Orczyk

Silver Level Donors 100-$249

Anonymous Donors (4)
Chris Bastian, in honor of everyone who worked to make the renovation a success.
Jeffrey Berner
Lois & Charles Cheney
Cheryl Colloton
Colleen Donehue, in memory of Jean Fitzpatrick
Joan Fahrner
Germaine & Jeff Fritz
Kim & Diane Gasior
Jeannette & Bob Hill
Patricia & Tom Hill
Michael Holper
David Horton
Beverly & Mark Javit
Nancy B. Johnson, in memory of Shelagh Klein Davis
Dr. Mary & Sanjay Khunger
Evelyn & Carl Krueger
Claude O. Lancinao III, Computer Lab
Katherine Lawrence
Mary Ann Lazzari
Craig Leslie
Burghard & Kathleen Linn
Marsha Luetjen, in memory of Robert Luetjen
Cindy & Kevin Mack
Judy & Jim Mackey
Bonnie Marttila
Cecelia McClure
James Muzzin
Mary Anita Naab
Chris & Steve Nisbet
Jennifer and Earnest Osborne
Leith Pingel
Joyce Powers, in memory of Lyle & Ronni Powers
Jayne & Joseph Ptolemy
Leslie & Ed Rutkowski
Joseph Shevock
Susan Urban
David Tyrpak
Beth & Dave Walker
Al and Karen Wirth
Linda & David Yanochko
Karen & John Zentgraf

Bronze Level Donors $1-$99

Anonymous Donors (5)
Macky & George Bachelor
Dorothy & Peter Baldori
Dr. Sally & Gerald Belian
Hilary & Arnold Bell
Robin Biondi
Mary Lynn & Richard Bodalski
Maureen & Tom Booth
Diana Dart, in memory of Elizabeth
Robin & William Erickson
Chris Frey
Julie & Paul Hane, in honor of Mary Hane
Teresa & Chris Habsburg
Carol Johnson
Daniel Kashian
Sheila Kaulfersch
Kathy & Bob Kittridge
Karin Klein
Christine Lee, DVM
Dixie & José Lopez, in memory of Dixie & Frank Styles
Shirley & William Maxwell
Anne Michaels
Mary Lou Nagy
Diana & Steve Pierce
George Piner
Ashley & Greg Rohrs
Randee Rossmann
Sally & Bob Springstead
Giovanna Tessmer
Sandy & Larry Weston
Kathleen Zaenger

Donations received between January 23-February 20, 2020

 Brighton Room
Nancy Fredenburg

General Donation
Jenny Connelly

Sue Kelly, Chrysler Chronicle by James M. Flanning, and Cord Automobiles by Jon M. Bill,
in memory of Vaughn W. Oswalt, Jr.

Library Supporters 2019

Connect, Grow, Discover Youth Department Fundraiser 2019