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We’ve got a coloring station hidden in the Teen Section of the library. Come find it and help us finish bringing our poster to life!



Teen Book Review: Maximum Ride-The Angel Experiment

Teen Services Blog

Book:Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson
Reviewer: Anton,Grade 7

Author James Patterson, best known for adult suspense novels, makes a passable foray into the young adult market with this book about a group of human/bird hybrids. For teens who just want action and excitement and who don’t much care about the niceties — such as logic, character development, consistent voice, or plot — this will be plenty of fun. And there’s the fantasy of winged flight, which is always a pleaser. The book
opens up by introducing us to Max, a fourteen-year-old girl who also happens to be a human-avian hybrid. She lives in a house with her fellow hybrid friends—Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, and Angel. They used to live at the School, where evil scientists created and experimentmaximumted on them, but they escaped and have been in hiding ever since.The entire book amounts to little more than a prologue to the series: Despite more than 400 pages of chases, fights, break-ins, and almost non-stop action, practically nothing actually happens in this fantasy book. The main characters are captured, they escape, they are cornered, they escape, they are wounded, they recover, they try to hide, they are found, over and over again. In truth, very little of it makes any kind of sense, though there are plenty of hints that it will eventually — just not in this book.
In the end i would rate this book a 3/5 because this book didn’t really capture my attention and didn’t have me coming back to the book.

Cupcake Wars!!

Teen Services Blog

This past Thursday the library was taken over by Teen & Pre-Teen cupcake decorators for Cupcake Wars.  Kids battled it out to take home the prize is the decorating war.

The Rules

Everyone needed to complete decorating 2 cupcakes

Competitors could choose 4 items from our ingredients table

Competitors could barter with their neighbors for additional ingredients

Everyone got 20 minutes total to decorate

Work stations needed to be clean by the time was called

cupcake ingredients table

Competitors could pick 4 items from our ingredients table


teen winner

Katie won for the teens

Along the way our devious judges decided to throw in a few twists to keep our competitors on their toes.  About 5 minutes in a wrench was thrown into their carefully laid plans when everyone was now required to use sprinkles in at leastcc girl one of their cupcakes!   Panic and grumbling ensued as contestants wracked their brains on how to incorporate sprinkles into their cupcakes. The cupcake powers that be also later announced that Sixlet candies had to be used as well.


When the clock ran out all the contestants had to have a clean workstation with their cupcakes neatly presented.  Our judges then went around the room to view the cupcakes and hear the competitors short description of what they did and why.  After much deliberation pre-teen and teen winners were chosen.

This event was a blast and we hope to see everyone for the next Cupcake Wars next year!


Avery was voted best cupcakes by her fellow contestants!

pre-teen winnerl

Lorelei won for the Pre-Teens!



Danton won the judges vote in the second round of Cupcake Wars