The Teen Summer Reading Program is for Grades 7-12.

The Prizes

Below are the Grand Prizes. You’ll also have the chance to win smaller prizes as you obtain Bingos throughout the summer.
Winners will be drawn and announced at the Teen Summer Reading Pizza Taste off on August 2nd! You are not required to be present to win.

The Rules

Teen Summer Reading Rules

The Teen Summer Reading Program is for Grades 7-12.  If you are entering 7th grade this fall, you may participate in the Teen Program. If you decide to participate in the Tween program, ages 9-12 you cannot participate in the Teen Program.

The Teen Summer Reading Program runs from June 9-August 2.

How it Works

Starting SundayJune 9, teens can either come to the Library or visit our website to register for the Summer Reading
Program. Upon registering you will receive a BINGO card with various reading related challenges. As you complete challenges check them off. When you get a BINGO (5 consecutive challenge squares) bring your BINGO card to the Library and check in to receive a Scratch off Prize Ticket and 1 entry into our grand prize drawing.

If you register at home drop by the library to pick up a BINGO Card.


  • Each BINGO square represents a different challenge. This means you cannot use the same reading session for multiple squares. Ex: If you read 3 hours, you cannot use that 3 hour session to fill in the 1 hour, 2 hour and 3 hour BINGO challenge. The reading sessions must be done at different times.
  • You can complete up to 2 full Bingo cards.
  • You can only pick up 3 BINGOS per library visit, but you may visit multiple times a week.
  • For every BINGO you complete you receive an entry into the grand prize drawings.
  • For every BINGO you earn a scratch off card. Scratch off the silver circle to find out if you have won a free book, pin, $5 gift card, 3D printed objects, or an extra entry into the Grand Prize Drawings.
  • The last day to enter for Grand Prize Drawings is Friday, August 2. Smaller prizes can be picked up through Sunday, August 4.
  • Grand Prize winners will be drawn Friday, August 2 at the Teen Pizza Taste-Off.
  • There are 2 different Bingo Cards. If you complete your entire Bingo card you will receive an extra grand prize drawing entry and can move onto the next BINGO card.
  • Participants have the option to get up to 24 BINGOS!
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The Teen Summer Reading Program is sponsored by the Friends of the Brighton District Library

Fuji Film Instax Camera & Film

Fuji Film Instax Camera

1 winner

Barnes and Noble Gift Card

$25 Amazon Gift Card

Barnes & Noble Gift Card

4 winners

Amazon Gift Card

$50 Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card

2 winners

MJR Gift Card

$25 MJR Gift Card

MJR Gift Card

4 winners