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For the last two years the Brighton District Library Board of Trustees, along with the Library Management Team, have spent a considerable amount of time assessing the current space configuration of our facility. The Library was originally built in 1996 and the Brighton community has grown exponentially since that time. In its present state, the Library has significant space limitations, an aging HVAC system, and is outdated in its décor and configuration.

With the assistance of our architects, Daniels and Zermack, an extensive space needs assessment was conducted. This assessment evaluated the Library’s collection size, staff workflows, and the usage of the facility by our patrons, including patrons’ needs and desires as determined by a patron survey. The outcome of the assessment included a comprehensive reconsideration of how the space could be used more effectively.


The majority of funding for this renovation project came from the Library’s operating millage increase, passed with overwhelming support of the community in November 2015. Since that time, the Library has been aggressively saving to fund the renovations.

A fundraiser to enhance the Youth Department kicked off in April 2019.