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Peek-a-Boo for babies, and hide and seek for older children, are both healthy forms of play. While fun, they also teach some important cognitive skills. Peek-a-Boo makes babies laugh, but also teaches them an important concept of object permanence; that things can still exist even though they might not be able to see them. While searching for objects or people, children develop problem-solving skills as the try to figure out the best place to hide or to find the object. This much loved game can also teach them the concept of volume as they try to fit into that perfect small hiding place. It also gives them an opportunity to develop their social skills: as they play with others they learn about taking turns, resolving conflicts and about teamwork. Hide and Seek will help improve their balance, agility and coordination. Wow, who could have imagined this much learning could be this much fun! Olly Olly Oxen free!!

Nerdy Birdy

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Another great book has hit the Brighton District Library shelves!

We love when we get new picture books here at BDL, we’re like kids in a candy store! The Youth staff all peruse and paw through the collection, sharing our favorites with each other.

I have found a new favorite… Nerdy Birdy by Aaron Reynolds, Pictures by Matt Davies.

Nerdy Birdy likes reading, and video games, and reading about video games. He is a “Nerdy” birdy. Then there are the “COOL” Birdies who like showing off, hunting and eating worms, but they don’t like nerdy birdies. Dejected Nerdy Birdy discovers there are more birds like him and everything is going well until a new bird moves in. She looks lonely, but is not like Nerdy Birdy at all. What should Nerdy Birdy do?

This is an endearing book that is funny, but also teaches children to see the value in being inclusive in their selection of friends.

— Miss Jane


Our “Secret Garden”

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MI - Brighton Library Garden Entrance_0The Brighton Library has a beautiful garden that many people are unaware of,  Millie’s Garden, which is maintained by the Brighton Garden Club. It is behind the YouIMG_3236th Services area and may be accessed from the parking lot, and during the summer months from the door in the Youth Services Department. It is a wonderful space with beautiful flowers, picnic tables, benches, bird house and feeders, a butterfly garden, hummingbird garden and every child’s favorite…a Royal Reading House. During the summer we offer many  programs out in the garden and our big Summer Reading kick-off on June 12th will be held in Millie’s Garden. This year’s summer reading theme is “On Your Mark- Get Set- Read” with an emphasis on Wellness, Fitness and Sports. This summer we invite you to come out to get some fresh air and exercise and enjoy our Millie’s Garden.

Teddy Bear Sleepover @ the Library

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Bring your favorite stuffed animal and join us after hours at the library. There will be stories and crafts on Friday night and breakfast Saturday morning. You will be surprised how mischievous these little stuffies can be when left alone in a library!

Program runs Friday, January 22nd from 5:30-6:30, then return Saturday morning from 10:00-11:00 to pick up teddy and have some breakfast.

For children 5-7 and a caregiver. CALL THE LIBRARY TO REGISTER  at 1-810-229-6571 Ext. 223teddy-bear-sleepover