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Thank you for taking the time to look over this annual report. I am Cindy Mack, and I have been the Director of Brighton District Library since August 2016. I am proud to be here, leading a vibrant library in a community that values it. Warm acknowledgements are due to my predecessor, Dr. Nancy B. Johnson, whose leadership made it possible for the Library to weather the recession while maintaining outstanding services for the community.

The events that have had the greatest impact on the Library in 2016 go back to the end of 2015. The Library paid off the 1996 bond issue that financed construction of the Library building, and district residents voted overwhelmingly (72% Yes) to levy for Library operations the .22 mills that had been assessed for those bonds.

That increase in funding allowed the Library to move forward with many projects in 2016. Our hours of operation, cut since 2011, were restored to their pre-recession levels. Budgets for the materials collections were increased by about 40%. A complete renovation of all the building restrooms was begun, and at the end of the year $300,000 was set aside for the further renovations needed throughout the building, including carpeting, furnishings, and more. Further details about the Library budget and finances are included below.

I am excited to be here, at the beginning of a new phase of renewal and growth for Library facilities and services. Our mission is to connect you to the world, and I invite you to come and see the many ways we do that.

2016 by the Numbers

Note: The Library’s Fiscal Year runs from December to November. Figures throughout this report are for the period December 2015 – November 2016.



Brighton District Library Board of Trustees
Kathryn Poppy, President
Sally McKee, Vice President
Arla McPeek, Secretary
Jane Petrie, Treasurer
Patrick A. McDonald
Rich Perlberg
Jordan Genso


After 20 years of service, Jeannette Hill resigned from the Brighton District Library Board of Trustees in 2016. When she first started, the Library was a new building with empty shelves and now things have come full circle with a new millage and a new director.

After her retirement, she was looking for a way to give back to the community and she chose to join the Library Board. She finds it hard to believe that twenty years have passed in the meantime. “It’s been wonderful. I’ve met and worked with wonderful people and it’s been very rewarding.”

We are grateful to have had Jeannette as a vital part of the Library.


2016 was an election year for the Library Board of Trustees. Congratulations to Patrick McDonald, Arla McPeek, Rich Perlberg, and Jordan Genso, who were each elected or re-elected to a four-year term.

Please see the Trustees webpage for more information about the Library’s governance and current budget.


We also offer our heartfelt thanks to Margaret McDonald, for her outstanding service to the Library. Margaret left the Board in December 2016, following her decision not to seek a new term. She has been a trustee since 2011, and has been a reliable advocate for improving library services to our community.

2016 Visits to the Library: 180,856
Average per Day Open: 518

District Population: 43,254
Active Library Card Holders: 17,105


The Library maintains collections of over 114,500 physical items, including books, DVDs, audiobooks, newspapers and magazines, music CDs and more. Over 11,000 items were added in 2016. Our online materials collections, (more than 13% of all checkouts) including eBooks and audiobooks, and video to download or stream were substantially increased with the addition of the Hoopla service. Our online collection numbers nearly 500,000 items and all are available at no charge to our resident cardholders. Full online access to Consumer Reports and Morningstar Investment Research were added to our wide array of online database subscriptions in 2016.


Almost every day there is a special program at the Library for kids, teens, or adults. Library programs encourage early literacy, entrepreneurship, creativity, curiosity, and fun! Annual favorites are our Springfest and Holiday Open House celebrations, Summer Reading, and the Parenting Resource Fair. Concerts, films, book discussions, storytimes, genealogy classes, writers workshops, crafts, science programs, and counseling for job seekers and business owners are only part of what round out our offerings. Visit our events calendar at for a look at all of our upcoming programs.


In an Average Month: 2554 public computer sessions, 922 individual Wifi logins.

Technology is essential to making connections today, and the Library offers dozens of public computers with speedy Internet, Office software, and printing, scanning, copying and fax services. Every day Library staff is there to help people find their way in the wired world. In an average month in 2016, people logged 2,554 sessions on Library computers, and 922 individuals connected to our Wifi network. The Library also now offers mobile hotspots for checkout. These handy gadgets allow the user access to Wifi as long as there is cellular coverage. This provides the Library with another opportunity to help bridge the digital divide.

Community Partners

The Brighton District Library has fostered partnerships with area businesses, agencies, non-profits, clubs, and organizations. Together we extend our reach to provide a greater impact to our community. Some of the more prominent of these for 2016 were Livingston County United Way, Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce, Brighton Rotary Club, Livingston Diversity Council, Great Start Livingston, Livingston Promise, Brighton Ford, and C. S. Trojan & Associates. We thank all the individuals and businesses who help make our Library a better place.

The Friends of the Brighton District Library
donate over $28,000 annually to help fund Library programs, the Sandy Schneidewind Books for Babies program, and online databases like Mango Languages. During the recession, the Friends often donated as much as three times the funding we received from the State of Michigan. We are truly thankful for our Friends! To become a Friend, visit

Thank You, Donors!

2016 Donations

Brighton Room:

♦ Beverly Campbell
Don Fjestad
Nancy B. Johnson
Bethany Waterbury

Books and Memorials:

♦♦♦ The Library would like to give special recognition to Library Trustee Sally McKee for her leadership gift designated for maintenance of the Library aquarium. This extraordinary contribution is given in memory of Bill McKee.

The Library would like to extend a special thank you to an anonymous donor family for their gift of autographed copies of The Christmas Humbugs by Colleen Munroe, given to children attending the 2016 Holiday Open House.

♦♦ Anonymous donation for large print books

Leslie Barrett, author, Lost and Found

Maureen & James Burns, in memory of Kurt Wellhausen

Susan Steen Ciolek, author, Out of the Colonies

Dr. Corey Gut, author, Being Brave for Bailey

♦ David M. Hartsook, in memory of Mildred R. Hartsook

♦ Mary and Sanjay Khunger, to the Sandy Schneidewind Books for Babies Project

Paul Klein, House of Cards, Seasons 1, 2, & 3 (DVDs)

Kathy Langhorst, in memory of Jane Clarke

Livingston County Coin Club,
Michigan Trade Tokens by Paul A. Cunningham; The Top Morgan Dollar Die Varieties: An Advancement of Knowledge by Kevin Flynn; United States Paper Money by George S. Cuha and William Brandimore; United States Type Coins by Q. David Bowers; and A Guide Book of the United States Coins Mega Red by R.S. Yeoman

Mac and Mondi Miller, Mindful and Yes! magazine subscriptions

Susan L. Nenadic, author, 
A Purse of Her Own

Plankroad Questers #236,
Views Along the West Michigan Pike by M. Christine Byron & Thomas R. Wilson, in memory of Elaine Saxton; and Stitch-opedia by Helen Winthorpe Kendrick, in honor of Lynn Stroup

Jeffri Rulason, BugOut magazine

Mildred Scranton, Ardennes 1944: The Battle of the Bulge by Antony Beevor, in honor of Robert L. Scranton

Jan Shanahan, in memory of Ruth Markovitz

 Linda Speck, in honor of Dr. Elizabeth Michaels

Commemorative Bricks:

In honor of Dorothy Baldori, from the Friends of the Brighton District Library

In memory of Lisa Goring, from the Brighton District Library Trustees and Staff Members

In honor of Jeannette Hill, Brighton District Library Board of Trustees

In honor of Dr. Nancy B. Johnson, from the Brighton District Library Trustees and Staff Members

In honor of Kathryn Poppy, Brighton District Library Board of Trustees 2016 President

In honor of Kelly Raskauskas, from the Friends of the Brighton District Library

In honor of Chuck Rhein, from the Friends of the Brighton District Library

In memory of Kim Tath, from the Friends of the Brighton District Library


General Donations:

♦♦ Anonymous Gift
♦ Anonymous Gift
♦ Caio Amici
♦ Chris Bastian
Lauren Bienenstock & Associates
♦ Margaret Bowers
♦ Barbara & Rick Browne
♦ David & Angela Chernin
Energy Services
Great Harvest Bread Company
Vanessa Hereford
Jeffrey Hucal
Manohar Jagasia
♦ La Marsa Mediterranean Cuisine
♦  Dan Lijewksi
MJ Coffee Enterprise
Meijer, Inc.
Kristen Meyer
Michigan History Project
♦ Mac and Mondi Miller
MOD Pizza
Dave Perry
♦ Potbelly Sandwich Shop
♦♦♦ Joyce Powers
Ravenswood Homeowner’s Association
Society of Mayflower Descendants
♦ Theresa Rose Swiecicki
Leah Thill
VG’s Food Center

In-Kind Gifts
 Sally & Stewart Free
Joyce Powers

Summer Reading Program Sponsors:

 ♦♦♦ Friends of the Brighton District Library
♦♦ Arby’s
♦ Dennis Fiore, Mass Mutual Financial Group
♦ Daena Nicholas, Destination Planner
♦♦♦ Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
♦♦♦ Rollerama Family Skating Center
♦♦♦ Sky Zone Trampoline Park
♦♦ Sundance, Inc.
♦♦♦ Yogurtopia, Brighton
♦♦♦ Zap Zone Fun Center


♦ Gifts of $100 or more
♦♦ Gifts of $500 or more
♦♦♦ Gifts of $1000 or more

2016-2017 Annual Appeal Donors

♦♦♦The Library would like to express our gratitude to Sally McKee for her generous gift in sponsorship of the Library aquarium, in memory of Bill McKee.

♦♦ Anonymous Donation
♦ Anonymous Donation
(2) Anonymous Donations
Margaret Anthony
Macky & George Bachelor
Dorothy & Peter Baldori
♦ Nancy Barta
♦ Chris Bastian, in honor of the Circulation Staff
♦Dr. Sally & Gerald Belian
Hilary & Arnold Bell
♦ Jeffrey Berner
Robin Biondi
Mary Lynn & Richard Bodalski
♦ Darlene Bohn, in memory of Hubert Bohn & Michael Bohn
Maureen & Thomas Booth
Andrew Boschma
♦ Abigail Briggs
♦♦ Barbara & Richard Browne
♦ Keven & Kenneth Burchfield
Janet Carpenter
♦ Lola & Frank Castle, in honor of libraries everywhere
Lois & Charles Cheney
Ruth & Ron Collins
♦ Cheryl Rogers Colloton
Barbara & Daniel Coulson
♦ Diana Dart, in memory of Elizabeth
♦ Susan Daugherty
♦ Bill Drabing
Robin & William Erickson
Melinda & Michael Fabry Family
♦ James Fackert
Jessica & Brent Feeman
Christine Frey
Robert Friess
♦ Germaine & Jeff Fritz
♦ Diane & Kim Gasior
♦ Mary Gilbert
Terrance Graham
Nancy & Donald Gressler
Michael Gudenau
♦♦ Lois Gustafson
Linda & Jim Gutting
Teresa & Chris Habsburg
♦Nancy & Greg Hadley
♦Gail & Chester Harkiewicz
♦ Julie & John Harris
David Hartsook, in memory of Millie Hartsook
Thomas Hassett
♦ Betsy & Bob Herbst
♦ Jeannette & Robert Hill
♦ Pat & Tom Hill
♦ Sandra & Michael Holper
♦ Homestead Needle Arts, Theresa Swiecicki
Mary Janke
♦ Beverly & Mark Javit
Carol Johnson, in memory of Richard W. Johnson
♦ Nancy B. Johnson
Donna & Dan Kashian
Sheila & Willy Kaulfersch
Kathy & Bob Kittridge
Karin Klein, in memory of Don Klein
Cynthia & Randy Kniebes
Evelyn & Carl Krueger
♦ Claude Lanciano III, in support of the Computer Lab
♦ Karl LaPeer, in memory of Leonard Blood
Mary Kay & Thomas LaRocque
♦ Mary Ann Lazzari
Christine Lee
♦ Marsha & Craig Lesley
♦ Gene Liskiewicz
Dixie & José Lopez
♦ Cheryl Lord, in memory of Fred Lear
♦ Cindy & Kevin Mack
♦ Judy & Jim Mackey, in honor of all librarians
Jean Makela
♦ Bonnie Marttila
Shirley & William Maxwell
Cecelia McClure
♦ Mark McPeek
Anne Michaels
♦ Micro Works Computing, Inc., Jane & Mike McManus
Janeen Miller
♦ Melanie & George Moses
♦Mary Anita Naab
Mary Nyles
♦Debra & John Oberpeul
♦Mary Rose Orczyk, bird seed supply for Millie’s Garden
♦Donna Pardonnet
♦Kathy & Rich Perlberg
Lynn & Terry Pfaff
George Piner
Leith Pingle
Joyce Powers
Wallace Prince
♦Bonnie & Tom Riutta
Randee Rossmann
♦Leslie & Ed Rutkowski
Elaine Samson
Marie & Steve Schafer
Sandie Schulenburg
♦Karen & John Schultz
♦Joseph Shevock
Peg Siford
♦Linda Speck, in honor of Elizabeth Michels, M.D.
Sally & Bob Springstead Family
Claudia Tangalakis
Frank Tavarozzi
Giovanna Tessmer
Christine Tonge
♦♦ C. S. Trojan & Associates
♦David Tyrpak
♦Susan Urban, in memory of Don Urban, Jr.
Candice Vollweiler
♦Beth & David Walker Family
♦Julie Walker
♦Margaret B. White
♦Jane & Mark Wilson
♦Katherine Winders
♦Karen & Al Wirth
♦Linda & David Yanochko
Kathleen Zaenger
♦Karen & John Zentgraf