Connect, Grow, Discover…Together

We open our doors, services and resources to all members of our community

Cindy J. Mack

Library Director

Sarah Neidert

Head, Collections and Public Relations

Edward Rutkowski

Assistant Library Director

Diana Dart

Community Relations Coordinator
  • Kristine Kerttu, Accountant

  • Jack Dubay, Head of Maintenance

  • Laurie Lentz, Custodian

  • Brian Canfield, Custodian

  • Rosemarie Brennan, Volunteer Coordinator

Youth Services Staff

Carla Sharp

Head, Youth Services

Margaret Vergith

Youth Program Specialist and Media Relations

Stephanie Williams

Youth Services Librarian

Laurie Walters

Youth Services Librarian

Jane Reed

Youth Program Specialist

Adult Services Staff

Jennifer Osborne

Head, Adult Services

Vickie Weyand

Outreach Librarian

Mark Mullinax

Genealogy and Local History Librarian

Kate Wheeler

Teen Services Librarian

Circulation and Loan Services Staff

Vicki Dutcher

Shelver Supervisor

Diana Pierce

Head of Circulation and Loan
  • Beverley

  • Debra

  • Kayla

  • Megan

  • Kristine

  • Annette

  • Nancy

  • Colleen

  • Mary Kay

  • Megan

  • Kimberly

  • Mary Beth

  • Kim

  • Jay

  • Laurie

  • Jennifer

  • Valerie

  • Andrew

  • Cheryl

  • Judy

  • Gayle

  • Jennifer

Technical Services Staff

Tina Fleischmann

Head, Technical Services
  • Connie

  • Amy

  • Ann

  • Sue