Thunderhead- Sequel to Scythe by Neal Shusterman Sneak Peek


Thunderhead, the sequel to Neal Shusterman’s book Scythe comes out in January and I can’t wait!  Scythe is set in a far off future where people have figured out how to live forever, but unfortunately that can cause some population problems. In order to maintain the population the world employs Scythes, an order of assassins that help maintain it. Each Scythe has a quota every year of how many people they must “Glean” and they are both feared and revered.  Scythe follows the story of Citra and Rowan, two apprentices, but only one will become a Scythe in the end and be forced to Glean the other.

While we still have months to go before we can see the story continue, EW just posted a sneak peek of Thunderhead. Follow the link to read an excerpt!


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