Kids love being read to, so when they’re ready to begin reading on their own, it’s fun to read together.

Mary Ann Hoberman has picture books called You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You. Her books use traditional reading teaching techniques (imagery, rhyme, short sentences, and repetition) to encourage young children to read along with an adult while improving their reading skills. Hoberman’s books are clear, color-coded and include short stories, short Mother Goose tales, and short Fables.

National Geographic Kids also has a collection of non-fiction Easy Reader books that follow the same shared reading format. They are called You Read, I Read and include Farm Animals by Joanne Mattern, and Plants by Kathryn Williams. These books offer bright, gorgeous photos that delight readers each time the page is turned and bold text.  Come on in to the library and see what else we have to offer for your beginning reader!