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Peek-a-Boo for babies, and hide and seek for older children, are both healthy forms of play. While fun, they also teach some important cognitive skills. Peek-a-Boo makes babies laugh, but also teaches them an important concept of object permanence; that things can still exist even though they might not be able to see them. While searching for objects or people, children develop problem-solving skills as the try to figure out the best place to hide or to find the object. This much loved game can also teach them the concept of volume as they try to fit into that perfect small hiding place. It also gives them an opportunity to develop their social skills: as they play with others they learn about taking turns, resolving conflicts and about teamwork. Hide and Seek will help improve their balance, agility and coordination. Wow, who could have imagined this much learning could be this much fun! Olly Olly Oxen free!!