After reading Marissa Meyer’s new book Heartless I got the craving to bake. In Heartless, main character Catherine loves to bake.
She loves baking so much she would throw away her fortune and the chance to marry the king of Hearts if her parents would agree to let her open her own bakery. While plotting to set up shop in town with her maid Marianne, Catherine unexpectedly begins falling for the new Court Joker and things start to spin out of control. While adventure and romance abound in Heartless will make your stomach drop, it’ll also make it growl with the descriptions of Catherine’s confections.



One delicious plot point is her Rose Macarons that she serves up to the Mad Hatter and Company. I’ve been wanting to make Macarons ever since! Luckily for me Rosanna Pasino has me covered with Nerdy Nummies. Check out her delightful Smart Cookie Macaron recipe. Make sure to check out Heartless and the Nerdy Nummies cookbook!