Great writers are made, not born. The Brighton District Library’s Teen Writers’ Workshop helps tomorrow’s John Greens or J.K. Rowling plot a course the literary world. It’s also a great place to hand out for kids who just like to write. Facilitated by Erma Bombeck Award-winning humorist Mike Ball, this workshop is fun and rewarding. Young writers enjoy a free-wheeling camaraderie with other aspiring writers, and receive positive reinforcement as they progress.  The Teen Writer’s Workshop is a ongoing program at the Brighton District Library typically held on the first and last Tuesday of the month, 6:30-8:30 pm.

One of our regular attendees and talented teen writer, Brighton Pauli, had this to say about the Teen Writer’s Workshops.

I’ve been going to the Brighton District Library’s “Teen Writers’ Workshop” almost as long as I’ve lived in Brighton.  That’s about four straight years of opportunity, growth, and laughter.  I’ve transformed from a “cliché-manipulator” to an original author.

The Teen Writers’ Workshop is a really relaxed club with no grades and no peer pressure.  Whatever is read in that room (usually the Brighton Room) stays in there, unless the writer wants to share it with the world.  The guy in charge, Mike Ball, doesn’t simply give a lesson and have us practice it; we all write what we want and learn from each other.  The lesson of the day is whatever comes up in the conversation, from tragedy to character dialogue to the Oxford comma.  Every once in awhile, the subject is “comedy” and you watch Monty Python, analyzing each joke and laughing your butt off.

The club really isn’t about a set calendar of “we learn this at this time and that at that time.”  Instead, we all evolve our skills over time and let ourselves grow naturally.

The next Teen Writer’s Workshops are tonight and  November 29th at 6:30pm