Promotes Library Services

Why do we offer a Summer Reading Program? This involvement helps us showcase our diverse services and fun summer programs and promotes the Library as the place for free activities and resources for the entire family.

Summer Reading Helps Prevent the “Summer Slide.”

Research shows that reading just six books during the summer may keep a struggling reader from losing the skills they acquired during the school year. When choosing the six, be sure they are just right – not too hard and not too easy.

Expand Reading Interests and Abilities

We match materials for each reader or listener and help them discover or expand their reading interests and abilities. We know that furthering children’s inquiries and building on their interests is key to maintaining their engagement in reading and learning.

We Expand Reading Formats

Opening doors to a variety of reading formats and subject matter may spark a reluctant reader’s interest. Children are more engaged in learning when they are interested in the topic or story using the format they find most comfortable.

As a librarian our job is to communicate a love of reading. We know demonstrating enthusiasm for reading is the first and foremost way to engage a child of any age!

Please stop in and register for our summer reading program, On Your Mark, Get Set, Read. We would love to meet you and your reader or listener! The fun begins Sunday, June 12 at Springfest!