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Grossology Fun


Our Grossology program Saturday was a huge success! Everyone, including the adults had a great time investigating all things GROSS! We started with a slide show of the many insects that people around the world eat and how many ‘gross’ things end up in the food we eat every day. From there the brave souls explored stations that included:

  • new tastes of 6 mystery foods
  • 2 kinds of “drinkable blood!”
  • playing the Bean Boozled game to find out if you get a great tasting jelly belly or a gross one
  • making slime to take home
  • what happens to a diaper when it gets “filled”
  • 5 unknown touch-ables of a “heart”, “intestines”, “eyeballs”, “ogre snot” and “vomit”

After revealing what was really being eaten and touched came the pièce de résistance – chocolate covered roasted crickets and super mealworms! We were very proud of our audience as every child ate at least one of the insects (many ate both!) and received a button announcing “I Ate a Bug at the Brighton District Library.”  A good time was had by all!

Grossology Pic 1    “I’ve Been Slimed!”

Grossology Pic 2    “What is It”

Grossology Pic 3   “I Ate a Bug!”

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