When you talk, read, and sing with a child – even before they can use words – you are helping them get ready to read. It sounds amazing, but it is not. Research shows that talking, reading and singing with your child every day from birth helps build their brains as well as important reading and language skills for use in school and beyond.

Here Untitled-5are some tips and easy Talking Activities to use with your infant:

Your touch and voice help your child learn. Listen to the fun sounds your baby makes and repeat those “words.” Hold their hand gently and when they smile, smile back. Your loving touch and smile, combined with this “baby speak,” are the first steps in learning to talk.

  • Play “Peek-a-boo” while getting your baby dressed or during their diapering. Ask, “Where is (baby’s name)?” when you pull the shirt over his head. The say, “There you are!” Diapering can also be a fun opportunity to play this game with him.
  • Everywhere you go, talk about what you see and what your baby is looking at. ” Wow, look at that red bucket, it is full of stones that are round, I bet it is a heavy bucket.”
  • As you feed your baby, use words to describe what foods they are eating. “This yogurt is white.” “You are eating a banana. It is sweet and yellow.”

Remember to look into your baby’s eyes, use a higher pitch voice and hold their little hand when you talk to them. These actions will all help your child develop into a confident, loving adult.